Monday, August 31, 2009

Completing Your First Offer

Do this quiz offers! They are the easiest and fastest!

STEP ONE - Click the "quiz offer" you want to complete.

STEP TWO - There will be two pages of questions and then it will ask for your age. Enter it and click submit as shown below.

Step THREE - You will be asked to fill out some simple information. Make sure to use 100% true information and click "score my quiz."

STEP FOUR - Next you will see a screen like the one below. You can just select "pass." About 3-5 of these will show up.

STEP SIX - Once you are done with the offers in step five, you will see these ones. Go through and no or yes to each one. All you have to do is select yes to one offer and then click submit. 

STEP SEVEN - Once you are done with that this will show up. You can just select "no" and press submit. You will have to repeat steps 6 & 7 about 4 times.

STEP EIGHT - You will eventually see this page. You can just select "no" to all of these and then click submit to see your quiz results.

STEP NINE - YOU ARE DONE! CONGRATS, you finished your first quiz offer. Now that wasn't so bad was it? Only one more step.

IMPORTANT: Let this page load for 30 seconds.

STEP TEN - Now just click "submit" and you should see $0.50 in your pending earnings in the upper right hand corner. If you did everything correct it should go in your monthly earnings section within a few minutes.

IMPORTANT: Sometimes even if you do everything right, you will have to do it again. But this does not happen often.