Monday, August 31, 2009

How Can CashCrate Do This?

I know, you are probaly think how in the heck CashCrate can just give people money for completing such an easy task like doing a 3 minute offer? Well the answer is simple. Companies around the world pay top-dollar for people like you to try their product and services for free. CashCrate gets paid to host these offers and when someone like you completes an offer, CashCrate gets paid. Part of that payment is then sent to you and CashCrate still has enough money left over to make a profit. So through this method CashCrate is able to exist and you are able to get paid.

Once you have signed up and completed an offer, that offer will then go to the "pending offers" section. At this time CashCrate is waiting for approval from the company that you did complete the offer. Once CashCrate recieves the approval you will instantly be credited with the amount of the offer you completed. That is how you earn money with offers!